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Frequently Asked Questions

Shoreline Chiropractic Answers Common Questions

Can’t I just stretch or exercise my back so it doesn’t hurt?

Exercise and stretching are great tools and are certainly known to improve strength and flexibility. The best approaches to the correction of back problems are multifaceted and your body needs stability in order to heal properly. My approach for helping people with back pain is to get a complete picture of joints, muscles and nerves so we can focus our efforts on correcting the cause and restoring stability. We know that a strong and flexible back is one that is able to handle the demands of everyday life, therefore maintaining a regular exercise and stretching program to prevent back problems is beneficial. However, if the joints of your spine are not lined up correctly and are unstable then you may be doing more harm than good by exercising. It is extremely important to evaluate back pain from all angles to determine if your problem is from spinal misalignment’s. The technology is available in my clinic to screen your joints, muscles and nerves for evidence that this is occurring. It will also determine if a specific exercise and stretching program can help and allows me to predict your recovery time and guide us through the healing process. Once your back starts to show signs of stabilizing, I then recommend a very specific approach to strengthening and stretching the muscles of your spine so you can enjoy a pain-free lifestyle.
If anyone is interested in more information or would like to schedule an evaluation, please call 245-2639.

My back is hurting and I didn’t even do anything, can you help?

This is a very common pain experience, but just because it is common does not make the pain normal. An evaluation from a health care provider is important to properly diagnose your problem. It sounds like you may be suffering from something I call “Last Straw Syndrome”. We have all heard the parable about the straw that broke the camel’s back. You see it wasn’t placing the last straw on the camel’s back that was the problem; it was the heavy load the camel had already been carrying. This may seem like a very simple concept but when we apply it to our own back we often forget about our stress load we have already been carrying. Everyone’s stress load is unique and often times goes unnoticed because we are so used to our current lifestyle, but the pain you feel when the “last straw” is added to your stress load is certainly noticeable.

Here is a formula for success that may help:

  • First you must stop adding to your stress load.
  • Next you must find ways to become more adaptable to stress like exercise, proper rest, good diet, and better flexibility.
  • Then you must develop a plan to keep your adaptability to stress greater than your stress load.

This formula when applied consistently can help prevent “Last Straw Syndrome”. If you or anyone you know suffer from “Last Straw Syndrome”, I would be happy to help!

I have heard that golfing is bad for my back, is that true?

Thank you, this is a great question, especially since the enormous increase in popularity of golf. The best way I can answer this is by saying, “The golf swing should not be bad for your back, however many times it can be and it depends on the condition of your back to begin with.” With proper flexibility, strength and alignment, you should be able to perform a controlled golf swing without injuring your back. If your back feels tired or sore after a round of golf, you are probably suffering from loss of normal alignment, flexibility and strength. A normal healthy spine should be able to twist and bend with a controlled golf swing and be able to find its way back to normal alignment without irritating nerves and muscles. Some ways to improve flexibility and strengthen your back are with activities such as yoga, swimming and kayaking. Misaligned spinal bones will not respond to rest and exercise alone. A chiropractor identifies which spinal bones are not moving in proper sequence and performs gentle adjustments that place your spinal bones into the best possible alignment to restore flexibility and enhance golfing performance. Although, there may be yet another explanation: Could it be your swing that needs some help?

I can remember my mother & grandmother complaining about the same back pain I have, does that mean I will suffer for as long as they did?

This is a great question and one that I hear often. There are two parts to this question: The body you inherited and the back pain you experience. Inheriting a certain body shape or size can predispose you to back problems. For instance, statistics show that there is a higher chance for back pain in taller people, so if increased height runs in your family and you are taller than average, you may be more likely to have back problems. It is the other part to this question where we have recently made significant improvements. Today, we know more and more about back pain and its causes than previous generations. Many studies confirm that back pain is a result of poor motion and alignment of the spinal bones. Research consistently shows that chiropractic care is one of the most efficient and effective ways of correcting back pain and restoring you to a pain-free lifestyle. The study of how your spine moves and what keeps it in place has lead to the development of specific tests that can accurately predict if you are a candidate for chiropractic care. In other words Amy, “You do not need to suffer with back pain like your mother and grandmother did, there are better solutions for you!” Remember this when it comes to inheriting: Just because something runs in your family, doesn’t mean that you need to run with it.

How come it seems like I always hurt more this time of year?

While there are many reasons you could be hurting, I believe we have discovered the reason why people tend to have more health problems during certain times of the year! Very often people may blame the cold weather or flu season for more aches, pains and symptoms, I believe it is because of a newly discovered condition called the “ING Syndrome”. This condition results from too much: Shop-ING, Wrap-ING, Clean-ING, Decorat-ING, Cook-ING, Overeat-ING, Entertain-ING, Travel-ING, Visit-ING, Bak-ING, Party-ING and maybe a little Stress-ING! Neck pain, headaches, low back pain, tiredness, fatigue, added susceptibility to colds and flu are all symptoms of the holiday “ING Syndrome”. Nothing can ruin your holiday fun faster than trying to keep pace with everything that has to get done during this busy time while Cop-ING with pain and fatigue. No wonder why, historically, December and January tend to be some of the busiest months at Shoreline Chiropractic.

Why not get yourself some relief and make sure you and your body are ready for this holiday season? You can visit us at Shoreline Chiropractic and let us make sure you are prepared for this festive time. Consider it a fine tun-ING for your body. Ask us about our flexible schedul-ING to make it even more convenient for juggle-ING us into your busy holiday schedule.

My friend had the same terrible back pain that I do and she got better in just a few visits to your office, does that mean I can expect the same fast results?

Theresa, we do get great results in our office for people with back pain. However, you bring up a very important concept when it comes to healing. Often times, we compare our symptoms to those of the people around us and assume we have the same problems they do. There certainly are times when this is the case, however, there are so many different conditions that cause similar symptoms that we can often be misled. There are also many personal differences that make each situation unique such as pain tolerance, severity, length of time and overall health just to name a few. The answer is that all of these factors and more play an important role in determining how quickly you will get the results you want. By first properly identifying your problem area and then specifically working to restore that area to as near normal as possible, healing will occur if given enough time and consistency. You see our bodies are designed to be healthy when there is nothing interfering with the healing process. You can expect us to identify where your problem area is and what may be interfering with your healing process. We will then give you specific recommendations for correction of the problem as well as a time frame for recovery based on the information we gathered in the exam.

I want to give chiropractic a try for my neck pain only I am terrified of getting my neck cracked, what should I do?

Thank you for asking this very important question. I have found that there are many people who are in your shoes that could benefit greatly from chiropractic but are concerned about getting “cracked”. It even makes me cringe when I hear someone call it “cracking my neck or back”! While there is a very good reason that your back can make those sounds when you receive a traditional style chiropractic adjustment, there are ways of aligning your spine without you experiencing the “cracking” sound. We use a very innovative method of determining where, when and most importantly, when NOT to apply chiropractic to your body.  If we do determine that an area of your body could benefit from a chiropractic adjustment, we use the lightest pressure possible to make the correction.  Most patients with the same reservations of hearing a “crack” come from their spine find our approach very refreshing, relaxing and most importantly,EFFECTIVE! If you or anyone you know are hesitant to receive the benefits of chiropractic care because of the “cracking” sound, I would be happy to help!

Should I use heat or ice for my pain?

Thank you for asking this question because many people are confused as to when to use each. When applied correctly, both heat and ice offer natural solutions for pain relief. I recommend using ice for new injuries where swelling is occurring or if you re-aggravated an old injury.

Here are the stages you should experience during ice treatments:

  • First stage: Cold, lasting about one to two minutes.
  • Second stage: Warmer, lasting about five minutes.
  • Third stage: Pain, lasting just a few seconds.
  • Final stage: Numb, the most important stage.

When the area is numb it means that you’re controlling the swelling and slowing down the production of pain chemicals, promoting faster healing and fewer adhesions and scar tissue. Keep the ice on for about two minutes after the numb stage is reached – then promptly remove! This usually happens right around eight to 10 minutes. The entire icing session should not exceed 15 minutes and not be done more than once per hour! Otherwise, you can bruise the tissues and it will hurt more the next day. The application of heat is helpful in the treatment of old or chronic injuries. Heat helps to increase blood circulation and improve flexibility after long-standing muscle and joint stiffness. Use moist heat for up to 30 minutes per session. Remember that these treatments are designed to help the healing process along and are not a substitute for any treatments.


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