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Madison chiropractor Dr. John Mastrobattisto

Dr. John Mastrobattisto

Madison Residents Rave About
Shoreline Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Shoreline Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please call us or Click here to email us your questions!

Health and happiness,
Dr. Mastrobattisto

  • What a beautiful , professional , caring environment.

  • Got immediate results for my issue. Couldn’t be more pleased!

  • Everyone was so friendly I felt like I knew them for years.

  • Keep up the great work.

    -L. H.
  • Extremely friendly staff, beautiful environment and Dr. John is very attentive and knowledgeable. Definitely an A+ experience.

  • You’re wonderful! Will recommend you to everyone I know :)

  • Loved the extra time taken during my initial visit. The questions asked to access my background to determine my eligibility and comprehensive plan were impressive.

  • The whole staff was very friendly and informative.

    -R. D.
  • I’m very please with my care. I feel so much better, and I only wish that I had decided to come sooner.

  • Everyone was very polite and informative. The atmosphere was relaxing and very clean. Overall good first visit!

    -R. D.
  • Truly unbelievable relief! Thank you Dr. John and your wonderful assistants.

  • This place is the best for me and my son.

    -M. B.
  • The atmosphere in the office is always very positive and gives one a sense that they are being cared for and that progress is not only possible but actually happening. Thank you John, Pam and Dillon!

  • Visit was great, I had an excellent experience. John was able to help me right away. I would highly recommend him!

  • Dr. Mastrobattisto. I found him very cordial and I appreciate the relaxed manner that is spread throughout the office.

    -M. G.
  • Very thoughtful of Dr John to follow up with me. I really appreciate it.

  • Thank you, you both are wonderful and very caring.


Kind and Helpful

Dr. Mastrobattisto and his staff, Lisa and Pam were the kindest people ever. They took me in on extremely short notice and helped me so much. I am just so thankful and grateful to have found them. Just two days ago I went in without any feeling in my left leg….the day after Dr. Mastrobattisto worked on me, my leg was back to normal. He was a Godsend and so were Lisa and Pam. Thank you so much for being who you all are. -C.J.

A+ For Thoroughness and Excellence

I am so happy that Shoreline Chiropractic is now in my life. Excellent doctor and staff and a beautiful office to go with that. I have hope for the first time in a long time that I could possibly get better. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for chiropractic work and rate them A+ for their thoroughness and excellence. -D.C.

Professional and Sensitive in Approach

Found Dr. Mastrobattisto to be very professional and sensitive in his approach. After evaluating your tests and assessing your progress his overall agenda is to get you back to your normal daily activity by setting up goals that are realistic and will not cause further re injury. Staff was very warm and helpful. -L.A.

Pain is Completely Gone

Great practice. Dr John is very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. I started with severe lower back pain, I was hardly able to walk. After 2 treatments, I had very little pain. After 3 visits the pain is completely gone. Appointments are easy to book and office staff could not be nicer. I would recommend to anyone. -A.M.

Dr. Mastrobattisto is Truly a Wonderful Person and Doctor

I am very happy with my sessions…they have relieved me of much pain in a very short time…I find the Dr. Mastrobattisto is truly a wonderful person and doctor. Very down to earth and makes you feel completely comfortable in his care. I was recently diagnosed with a spine problem and he reassured me that he would do everything he could to relieve any discomfort and to prevent future problems. I’m very relieved and truly appreciate his honesty. -M. D.

I Would Highly Recommend

I am so thankful to have found such a compassionate and knowledgeable Chiropractor. The environment is incredibly friendly, relaxed and clean and the staff are so helpful. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for excellent chiropractic care. -M.K.

Relieved Me of Much Pain

I am very happy with my sessions…they have relieved me of much pain in a very short time…I find the treatments hold thru the weekends until the next visits, which was not true with other chiropractors I went to before. I would feel good for a day or so, but would be in pain all weekend…I like this procedure better than painfully at times, being adjusted by other chiropractic methods and it is less time consuming than an half hour of ultra sound and heat. -C.L

Excellent Treatment

Wonderful staff, made me and my daughter feel right at home. Excellent treatment! -S.S.

Thorough Visit

A very thorough and careful visit! I feel very optimistic for a full recovery. -C.W.

Very Good

Overall first visit was very good. I feel well informed. -L.H.

Dr. Mastrobattisto,

First let me thank you for your suburb facility and organization. I have had both the good and misfortune of spending a great deal of time in my life under medical care. The ability to see you for treatments as often as three times a week, in a clean, calming and professional environment … getting in and out in 15 minutes is wonderful and unique.

With a review of my treatment and progress one must understand that as a 58 year old man, who has had 5 knee operations, a ruptured disc in my lower back and almost a dozen broken bones from football, motocross, baseball, adventure activities and too much more to mention, I came to you discouraged, in pain and feeling older than my years. My knees have hurt so much that I have not been able to run for the last eight years. Regular exercise has been restricted to “power walking” the activity of old men I made fun of in my younger years. A recent visit to Connecticut’s most respected Orthopedic Group started with x-rays and analysis which concluded arthritis, excessive fluid retention, and significant swelling of my left knee… and did I mention the pain significant enough that opioid medication was suggested as an option. Treatment included a cortisone shot that provided relief for 48 hrs before aggravating the varicose veins in my left calf and being fitted for a carbon fiber brace $400.00+ fortunately covered by insurance to help align and support the injured joint.

After meeting you and your associates, going through your physical analysis and medical review it was recommended that we begin a series of 12 treatments to correct misalignment, stress, tension and reduce pain. I have currently had 6 treatments and just this week completed 6, 4 and 3 mile walks without any pain, limping or swelling afterward. To say that I am better is an understatement, because I think I am “cured”. Not only am I more active, alert and energetic, but I am also optimistic. I look forward to exercising and it is both a health benefit and enjoyable activity.

I am looking forward to an active “paddle season” this year and continued walking, hiking and in general a pain free and energetic future. Thank you again for making feel 20 years younger!
Best Regards,

Confidence And Assurance

Dr. John immediately gave me a feeling of confidence and assurance. Terrific first and second experience.-J.G.

Wonderful With Kids

Dr. John is wonderful with kids. He took the time to explain exactly what was going on in their bodies and how they could be helped through chiropractic as well as outside of his practice. -W. and B.K.


Dr. John listened and did not try to sell me on unnecessary visits and procedures. After his adjustments I felt better than I did when I got there, even though I didn’t have any discomfort when I arrived. I guess I went from “good” to “better”. -D.H.

Great Office

Kind enough to take extra time to also see my husband who had accompanied me to the appointment. The office is spotless, contemporary and attractive. Billing and visit procedures explained thoroughly. Office is set up in such a way that an office visit is quick and efficient. -S.H.

Back And Neck Pain

After 22 years of back, neck & head pain due to a car accident, I had been in & out of chiropractic offices, physical therapy & even taken strong medication to ease my pain. Nothing was helping. Then a friend told me about Dr. John. He said, “He does things differently.” -L.G.

No More Headaches!

My entire life I’ve been tortured by headaches that bothered me even in my sleep! I fell down a flight of stairs when I was young and hit my head & neck. It has bothered me ever since. It is almost impossible to remember a day when I did not have a headache; that is until I met Dr. Mastrobattisto! -J.M.

Active Once Again!

Meeting Dr. Mastrobattisto saved me from giving up what I loved most… being ACTIVE! For six months I suffered with excruciating pain in my neck, shoulder and lower back. Thanks to Dr. John, I didn’t have to give up the active lifestyle I love so much. Thank you! -D.

Positive Results!

I was greeted very warmly. This was my very first experience with a chiropractor and the staff made me feel comfortable and engaged right from the initial period which involved the requisite voluminous paperwork-completing process, along with the process of understanding my pain areas and severity. Felt very comfortable with Dr. John when I finally got to sit and talk with him. It’s unclear how long my treatments will have to continue, but I’m glad that I’ve begun the process. After the first few sessions, I’ve begun to feel some positive results, already! Hope it continues swiftly! -Ernie W.

Highly Recommended!

You were highly recommended to me by my neighbors, who are both medical doctors. My experience today, confirmed the high recommendation! I was extremely impressed with the staff, the office, the sincere interest to properly diagnose. I walked away from my first appointment feeling confident with the treatment option. Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly evaluate my symptoms! – Cheryl H.

Amazing, there is a life without headaches!

Hi! My name is Jeanmarie and I am an energetic mother of two wonderful children, Lydia and Spencer. My entire life I’ve been tortured by headaches that have bothered me even in my sleep! I fell down a flight of stairs when I was young and hit my head and neck. It has bothered me ever since. It is almost impossible to remember a day in my life when I did not have a headache; that is until I met Dr. Mastrobattisto!

My mother began seeing Dr. John for problems in her back and neck and was so impressed with him and his gentle, low-force adjustments that two days later I called and was sitting in his office! I was currently going to a chiropractor who was a friend of the family and I actually felt a little guilty about leaving but I just couldn’t get over my neck being cracked anymore! The noise sent shivers down my spine. When my mom told me that Dr. Mastrobattisto adjusted your neck differently, without any cracking, I was so excited to give it a try.

He carefully took the time to explain the difference between the Activator method and the “old way” that I was used to and how he would address the cause of my headaches. Unsure if it would work but eager for results; we began treatment. Within one week I experienced something absolutely amazing! I had my first few days in a row without a headache!

The results were so wonderful and it seemed so gentle that I began to ask questions about problems my children were having. Dr. John was very patient and explained exactly how it could help with their problems. He was willing to share and demonstrate the Activator method to my children so they could understand and feel comfortable as well. My son Spencer has chronic allergies and was constantly on medication. I just hated to see him take all that medicine at such a young age. Lydia, my oldest, was always super flexible and could bend just like “Gumbi”, but her feet would turn in and sometimes she dragged them when she walked. Worst of all was that “W” sitting that I knew was bad for her posture. To my surprise Dr. John said he may be able to help with both of their problems. I decided to give it a try because it worked so well for me and I trusted him.

I’m so happy to say that Spencer has not used his allergy medicine all season long and Lydia’s hips have become so much stronger that she no longer drags her feet or sits incorrectly but is still as flexible as ever! Dr. John’s office is wonderful! He keeps us in shape by giving us exercises to strengthen our bodies and I no longer find myself sitting on the sidelines because of my headaches. Now the whole family can go out hiking and kayaking like we love to do. I hope all the people I’ve told about Dr. Mastrobattisto see him too so they can get back and enjoy life again just like us!

I just biked 100 miles and I want to keep going!

Hello, my name is Diane and meeting Dr. Mastrobattisto saved me from giving up what I loved most… being ACTIVE! For six months I suffered with excruciating pain mostly in my neck and shoulder, but also in my lower back. I never have pain and there seemed to be no real reason and no end in sight. I just kept waiting for it to go away but my neck and shoulder were getting worse! I was getting really nervous so I decided to seek advice from my doctor. He suggested that I start taking it easy and perhaps try some medication for the pain…Yikes! That was the last thing I wanted was to take it easy and I knew taking painkillers were not the answer for me. I just wanted to stay active. So I tried doing it my own way by making some small changes in my routine like eating better, cutting back on running and changed to a spin class at the gym. The lower impact on my body did make a difference, but I still wasn’t feeling like myself.

Frustrated with my situation, I resigned to give up on all my physical activities. That’s when I met a woman at the gym who told me about Dr. Mastrobattisto! She and her husband had a great experience with him and suggested I give it a try. I was nervous because I never had chiropractic care before but figured that something new might be the answer to my problems. It sure was! Dr. Mastrobattisto evaluated me using an insightful nerve and muscle test that highlighted exactly where my trouble spots were. It was really interesting to see what my nerves and muscles were doing! It was finally nice to have some answers and a possible solution.

Dr. John outlined a specific care plan to correct my problem areas with regular adjustments. He also gave me tips on stretches to loosen the tense muscles and core exercises to strengthen the important posture muscles in my body. Within three months I was starting to feel a change! My symptoms became less chronic and I could finally get through the day much easier. I began my cycling routine again and felt great doing it! I shared my goal of cycling 100 miles with Dr. John and he recommended that I maintain my adjustment schedule during the training process. Over the next six months I was a changed person with new energy and almost no pain!

John really taught me how to listen to my body and know when it needed some attention. I now know when I need an adjustment and I just go. All my friends, co-workers and cycling groups saw the difference in me too. I am proud to say that I did accomplished my goal of an incredible 100-mile bike ride from Massachusetts to Maine and I have new dreams and goals for next year! Thanks to Dr. Mastrobattisto, I didn’t have to give up the active lifestyle I love so much. Thank you Dr. John!

Dr. John Mastrobattisto is a miracle worker!

I would like to share my story with anyone who cares to read this. Dr. John Mastrobattisto was able to fix a problem that was so unusual that I truly feel he is a miracle worker.

My problem centered on an inner ear condition called muscle tinnitus (herein referred to as MT). Although not rare, it is not a frequent problem seen by ear/nose/throat specialists. Characterized by a crackling static sort of noise in “normal” cases, my MT went beyond this by turning into a bizarre ringing noise too. I would hear the crackling which would then escalate into an “alarm clock” sort of “ringing off” noise. This ringing off would last for 10 to 12 seconds, and, at its worst, could happen as much as three times in a minute and continue for hours on end. The noise would awaken me at night. Again at its worst, I was getting only an hour or two of sleep, not eating, experiencing depression, and was pretty much not functioning normally. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but it was pretty bad.

What brought on this condition? I surmised that it was stress related. It was interesting for me to note that even though it lay in the background of my regular tinnitus for about four months, it didn’t hit full force until my world quieted down in January. All the stress of the previous year hit me in my weak spot – my left ear.

I immediately went to my ear doctor. He prescribed a muscle relaxant, but it relaxed everything but the errant muscle. I next had a couple of routine hearing tests done with nothing out of the ordinary showing. Because he wasn’t sure what was going on, although did feel it was MT, he wanted me to go for an MRI.

I did extensive research on line about this problem, noting that when all else fails, the usual course of action is to try an epileptic drug, and, if that doesn’t work, an operation cutting the muscle is the final answer. I did mention those two options to my doctor, and he pretty much agreed that based on the MRI results, that was the way he would proceed.

I started to ponder on all of this – the timing of the onset of the MT, the basic premise of mine that there wasn’t anything structurally wrong (a very big leap of faith considering what I was hearing!), that a powerful anti-seizure drug was not something I wanted to take, not knowing how I would react to it, and an operation just wasn’t an option. If I was to assume that the muscle in my neck/ear – somewhere in that general area – was spastic (something that in the case of MT can be heard but not felt), then perhaps either of two things was happening: 1.) There was an electrical impulse in my brain that had somehow short circuited; or 2.) There was a “pinched” nerve somewhere deep within the neck muscle. In either case, I felt there was a strong muscle connection and, therefore, maybe a chiropractor could help me.

I had never been to a chiropractor in my life, although I knew of several family members and friends that had. I called a close friend who I thought could refer me to one. She gave me Dr. John’s name, not telling me about his “technique.” I truly didn’t know what to expect.

So here I was in Dr. John’s office. I was truly scared, scared about the sound(s) I was hearing, about my mental well-being, and about what the future might hold for me with regards for curing this affliction. I felt that if I could explain my problem in an intelligent way, then maybe he wouldn’t think I was totally deranged. I mean, I don’t think many people go to a chiropractor for an ear problem, let alone one this strange.

After listening to me, he unwaveringly stated that he felt he could help me. I had my first glimmer of hope. I next had my thermo scans done which showed troubled areas, and Dr. John explained and showed me his Activator tool and how it would “punch” away areas that needed healing. Not really wanting to have had my neck snapped, back cracked, and all the typical things that chiropractors do, I nevertheless probably would have endured such treatments if I thought they could help me. Instead, here was this deceptively simple device that was going to be the key to my relief. And slowly, relief did come. I started to experience pockets of relief where the relentless noise was quieted, even for just an hour. Then the noise would quiet down for longer than an hour. It began to last for half a day, and night time was quieting down too. I could tell that the cycle was being chipped away at. I believed that I was on the right healing path. My five-minute sessions with Dr. John were slowly bringing my spastic muscle under control. By my 12th visit, my days and nights were just about back to normal. My MT was, for the most part, gone. Twelve visits – how remarkable!

As an added “bonus,” lower back pain that I had experienced for years has abated. I can bend down much more freely and have much less pain. I am sure that too will eventually go away for good.

I feel I am almost home free from this awful and unusual tinnitus. Dr. John’s knowledge and self-confidence that this form of chiropractic manipulation works helped me during my dark days to have faith and trust in the process. It amazes me that it worked! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. John and about this unique instrument that can and does heal areas of the body far more simply than traditional medicine ever could.

I am also daring to think that perhaps the common tinnitus that I have experienced for nearly 40 years may, at some point, go away or at least, lessen. I mean, why not? I had one miracle, perhaps I will have another.

Thank you, Dr. John! You truly are a miracle worker!


Patricia Driscoll

Exactly what I was looking for, and more!

Hi, my name is Katie. I have had a long history of neck pain and have tried many different types of treatments to try and help me with it. Finally, I had enough and I went for surgery to repair a herniated disc in my neck in November 2005. I would consider the surgery a success, but the recovery was taking longer than expected with physical therapy. I knew the surgery was going to be very invasive and I would need a good amount of recovery time, but I had to do something if I was going to get my life back. That was when my hairstylist referred me to Dr. John.

I had tried chiropractic care prior to the surgery but did not get the results I was hoping for. I thought, “Maybe this guy is different.” I am really glad I tried it because the results were almost immediate. It was incredible and I am now able to do most of the things I want without pain. My neck muscles are far more relaxed and everyone around me has noticed the positive changes in me. You would never know I had neck surgery.

My success with Dr. John had me wondering if he could help my daughter Rose. I had always noticed she had poor posture and when she ran or walked her legs were not straight. When Rose began to complain about pain in her legs, I turned to Dr. John for help. He took one look at her back and knew what the problem was. He said her pelvis was twisted and was not allowing her to walk correctly. More importantly, he said that he would be able to help! He ordered a set of x-rays of her spine that revealed a 16-degree curvature in her spine! Dr. John recommended a specific care plan to correct Rose’s problem. Thanks to Dr. John and the regular adjustments, Rose’s pelvis was corrected and the curvature reduced to 4-degrees. Rose is now running and walking normally without any pain.

I am so grateful for what Dr. John has done for my family. I recommend him whenever I get the chance. I am now looking forward to trying new exercises like Yoga, while Rose is comfortable running and playing like the other kids.

I just wanted to walk the beach without pain!

Hello my name is Alida and for two weeks I suffered with pain and tingling in my leg that just wouldn’t go away. I didn’t know what it was or how to make it better. I was leaving in two weeks for a well-deserved trip to Florida, but I was feeling so much pain and discomfort I was afraid I would not be able to walk the beach or even get a good night sleep for that matter. I needed to find some help and fast!

A good friend had told me about Dr. Mastrobattisto and the great success she had with him and his chiropractic technique. I was still a little bit unsure, so I decided to go online and read more about him on his office website. I had been to chiropractors before but I had never heard of the Activator Method that Dr. Mastrobattisto uses. It seemed interesting but I still did not know if it was going to work for me, but I decided to give it a try anyway.

I was amazed at how pleasant the office staff was and that I was able to get an appointment right away. I immediately felt as though I was in the right place.

Dr. Mastrobattisto was very thorough and I could tell he really listened when I described my problem. He took his time and explained not only what was happening with my leg, but also how the Activator technique worked. To my surprise, it was not my leg that was causing my pain; it was my back! He set up a series of adjustments unique to my situation and upcoming trip. I immediately saw results! My symptoms continued to improve and I was walking straighter and feeling better. There I was walking the beaches and enjoying my fabulous trip to Florida without pain, amazing!

When I returned, I continued my treatment with Dr. Mastrobattisto to make sure the leg pain would not come back. I am glad I did because I began to notice other benefits that I did not expect. My body feels stronger than ever and I am more self aware of how my body works, but most importantly I can keep up with my three grandkids! Even other people have noticed that I’m walking taller these days. Dr. Mastrobattisto’s genuine concern and pleasant office will keep me on the right track. Thank you, Dr. John!

It was not what I was used to, but WOW, what a difference!

I am writing this letter of recommendation and appreciation in support of Dr. John Mastrobattisto. After twenty-two years of back, neck and head pain due to a car accident and a skiing mishap, I had been in and out of chiropractic offices, physical therapy and have even taken strong medications to try and ease my pain. Nothing was really helping me and I didn’t know where to go or what to do anymore. That was when a dear friend told me about Dr. John. He said, “He does things differently.”

Dr. John’s approach to my problem using the Activator Technique works the best and I like the low force, gentle adjustments but most of all the instant relief I get. It has made a huge impact on my health. He helped me so much that I decided to bring in my children (12 and 7) for help with their neck/back pain and muscle tightness. There were instant results for both of my children.

Over the past two years Dr. John has demonstrated to me time and again that he is an exceptional communicator, teacher and gifted doctor. In my opinion, he is a highly dedicated professional who knows how to motivate his patients to strive for better health on all levels.

Thank you Dr. John and be well!

Lillian Gaffney, Madison

I always walk out of Dr. John’s office taller then when I came in!

Hi my name is Bob. I was living with tingling and numbing in the fingers on my left hand, not to mention the pain in my lower back I had for years. My line of business requires a lot of physical “hands on” type of work. A friend of mine has her own therapeutic massage business and suggested I go see a chiropractor. I was very reluctant to go. I had seen a chiropractor in the past and was extremely disappointed with the results. It got to the point where I was so miserable all the time and I was having trouble sleeping and keeping focused. I knew it was time to do something. My friend kept insisting that I go see Dr. Mastrobattisto, she was so confident that he would be able to help me manage my pain and numbness that I decided I had nothing to lose.

After meeting with Dr John I had a feeling I was in the right place. The atmosphere was so friendly and relaxed. He examined my spine with a cool computer test and took x-rays. I came back the next day and he actually showed me where the cause of my pain was coming from. It was in my neck! I am really glad Dr. John took the time to explain everything thoroughly so I could understand what was happening to me.

It took some time, but after several visits I started noticing a change. The tingling sensation in my fingers seemed to be gone and I was sleeping at night. My wife noticed that I was not grumpy anymore which was probably the biggest difference. I feel more relaxed and I’m able to focus better. I always walk out of Dr. John’s office taller then when I came in! Getting the right chiropractic care is so worth it!

I no longer have to work through the pain…

Hi, my name is Denise I was suffering from neck and shoulder pain for several months. It was really starting to effect my daily activities. I am the type of person who works through their pain. My hip would constantly swing out to the left every time I bent down to pick something up and it was really becoming a problem. Even doing a routine chore was a hassle the constant pain in my neck never seemed to ease up. I do several exercises to strengthen the area and stretch daily that wasn’t helping either! A friend of mine recommended I go see Dr Mastrobattisto at Shoreline Chiropractic Center.

Several years ago I had seen a chiropractor and knew it would be a good idea to go again. I felt a difference after just a few adjustments. I noticed I wasn’t in as much pain and didn’t seem to get as tired out doing my daily activities. Over time it seemed like everything was becoming easier to cope with when I bend my hip doesn’t shift anymore. My body movement in general seems much easier and and going to Shoreline Chiropractic is tremendous for a mothers schedule. It is really great having flexibility of an appointment.

I have suffered with Asthma my whole life…

Hi, my name is Diana. I was suffering with lower back pain for years. I have a job where I stand for several hours at a time and my back would just kill me. One day I was reading the paper and an article about chiropractic care caught my eye. It was such a good advertisement that I picked up the phone and called Shoreline Chiropractic Center.

At the first visit Dr. Mastrobattisto took x-rays and evaluated my spine. The next day he showed me the x-rays and his findings of the exam. I thought I was fairly normal and just suffering from back pain, but I learned so much more about my health. Dr. John allowed me to make my own decision on whether to start care or not, based upon the findings. I decided to follow through with his recommendations. I am so glad I did! I felt so much relief after each adjustment. I realized it would have been foolish not to get care. Over time the frequency of visits were reduced and I was feeling so much better.

In March of 2002 I had a major setback. I was in a car accident! After being evaluated again, I went back to getting adjusted multiple times a week. It took about five months to get back to my healthy self, but I bet it would have been longer had I not been in such good shape at the time of the accident.

One day I noticed one of the most important changes in my body. I had been suffering with asthma my whole life and have always used an inhaler at least 2 times a day. I was on my way to the pharmacy to re-fill my prescription and decided that I didn’t need to. From May 2002, to the present I have not used any asthma medication. My back doesn’t hurt as much as it used to and I’ve noticed I have more energy and can pick up things I couldn’t before. I still get adjusted once a week and I always feel instant relief. Chiropractic really changed my life!!!

It is just an over all good feeling!

Hi, my name is Don. I have had lower back pain for about 20 years. I lived with the pain for so long it seemed to be taking over my life. I was feeling very stressed and it was becoming too painful to do the activities I have always enjoyed.

It was recommended that I go see Dr. Mastrobattisto at Shoreline Chiropractic by my son’s therapist. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was a bit skeptical of even going for an exam. I was certain I didn’t believe in that type of care, but I had heard so many positive stories from other people I thought I would give it a try. I liked Dr. John right away!

The office was very friendly and had a relaxed environment. I started feeling better after a few adjustments. I couldn’t believe it. Over time I felt less stress and I was starting to enjoy gardening like I used to. I even noticed that bending down wasn’t as difficult as it used to be. I am even more careful about the way I lift heavy objects now that I have invested the time to strengthen my spine with the exercises Dr. John gave me for my lower back. I have learned so much about chiropractic care and how important it is to get adjusted regularly. Not only do I feel better physically, I have also noticed I feel mentally rested and have more energy. I have become a believer in chiropractic care. It is just an over all good feeling!

I was getting tired of taking all that medicine.

Hi, my name is Donna. I was involved in a car accident in August of 2002 and sustained injuries to my head and back. I even suffered some memory loss. I was going to Yale for treatment, and saw my physician regularly. They kept insisting that I take pain killers for my back, and other medications to reduce the swelling of my brain. I was really getting frustrated with the same diagnosis every time. One day I was talking with a friend who suggested I go see Dr. Mastrobattisto at Shoreline Chiropractic Center. I had never considered chiropractic care as an option, and was willing to give it a try.

My body responded quickly to the adjustments. I started feeling relief from my head and back pain. I also noticed that I have not had any upper respiratory problems and haven’t had to take echinacia this year. I am thankful for Dr. Mastrobattisto’s friendly and genuine concern. The best thing about chiropractic care is that my general health is much better. I really believe this helped ween me off the medications and allowed my body to heal naturally. I recommend chiropractic to everyone!

I’m too young to feel like this all the time!

Hi, my name is Jen. I had been suffering with an on going hip problem for at least eight years. It was really starting to take a toll on my daily activities. I saw my regular physician and the best advice he could offer me was to stretch and exercise which I have been doing my entire life…he also gave me a prescription for anti-inflamitories. I was not happy with this solution. Living with this discomfort just became unbearable. I’m too young to feel like this all the time! I decided to take my mother’s advice and go see her chiropractor. The only problem was he was too far I needed someone close to where I work so he suggested I go see Dr. Mastrobattisto at Shoreline Chiropractic.

Dr. John put me on a schedule of being adjusted 4 times a week. After several visits I started noticing a difference. I was sleeping better and seemed to be getting over minor colds much quicker then I used to. I remember how it used to hurt my hip when I sat on a bike, well…. it doesn’t anymore. I can now snowboard with ease too. I’m a P.E. teacher with younger kids and one of the best benefits from getting adjusted regularly is I can now sit and demonstrate certain activities that were painful before and the kids notice! My roommate, Michele keeps telling me how I’m more relaxed and complain less.

Dr John is caring, gentle and very knowledgeable. He makes positive suggestions and the office is very comfortable. I have and will continue to recommend chiropractic!

I felt like I was falling apart!

Hi, my name is John. I consider myself to be a pretty tough person who can put up with a lot of things. I have aches and pains AND two teenager, but I just couldn’t take these sinus infections! I seemed to be getting them monthly. I used to come down with an infection every 2 weeks for about six months straight. I was at the doctor’s office all the time. It seemed like every time I got over one, I would get another. My physician kept giving me antibiotics; I even saw an ENT specialist. I felt like I was falling apart. I was never sick when I was younger. I felt really run down and was struggling with all the activities I used to enjoy. It was becoming really frustrating.

My wife had been suggesting for a while that I go see Dr. Mastrobattisto at Shoreline Chiropractic. I had gone to a chiropractor years ago when I threw my back out… and figured why not?

After several adjustments, I started noticing I had more energy and was getting a better nights sleep. After a few more adjustments, it seemed as though I was starting to enjoy all those activities that were really becoming difficult. I can now run and ride a bike with ease like I used to. Over time my sinus infections cleared. I haven’t suffered from one in 23 months. I haven’t even had a cold. I am so thankful to Dr. Mastrobattisto and chiropractic care for getting the job done. My wife is really happy too… she gets to tell me all the time “I told you so!”

The pain in my head just wouldn’t go away.

Hi, my name is Janet and I have been suffering with headaches, sinus infections and neck pain for at least three or four years. I was taking several antibiotics, had an MRI, a cat-scan and even went for physical therapy. Nothing seemed to be working. Finally my physician recommended I go for a massage. During the massage the therapist kept telling me my whole body was in a knot and she suggested I go see a chiropractor. So with a bit of a push I headed to Shoreline Chiropractic Center. I was very reluctant on going. I just wasn’t sure anything was going to help at this point. Several adjustments later I started noticing a difference. I have been able to handle my daily activities better; even my volunteer work. The girls at my office said I seemed a lot calmer and more relaxed. That’s when I really started believing that there is something out there to relieve pain.

Dr Mastrobattisto helped me so much that I decided to bring my daughter. Jaclyn was born with spina bifida which is a hereditary spinal defect. She is a very active teenager, swimming and is also on the wheel track team she has noticed that her body has loosened up and her muscles don’t seem as tight. Thanks to Dr Mastobattisto’s personal attention and caring manner, we are both living more healthy and productive lifestyles.

Nothing seemed to be working!

Hi, my name is Madeline. I have had lower back pain on and off for about 20 years. In 1999 I was told I have TMJ syndrome. I was given Vioxx, a mouth guard and was treated for grinding my teeth. I tried this remedy for a while but nothing seemed to be working. I was talking to a friend about my situation and they recommended I go see Dr. Mastrobattisto at Shoreline Chiropractic Center. I was very fearful of going to see a chiropractor and just really wasn’t sure what to do next. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t take it anymore. After meeting with Dr. Mastrobattisto, I had such confidence in him that I just knew I was in the right place.

I started noticing a difference after several weeks. I was able to enjoy eating again without the pain in my jaw. I have also been able to walk with more ease and sleep more comfortably. I’m thankful for the advice that the doctor gave me about sleeping with the proper placement of my pillows. My husband was a little hesitant about me starting chiropractic care; but as he began to see the changes in me, he became more comfortable and confident about the process. I still throw my back out every now and then, but both my husband and I know that all I need is an adjustment…. and I’m right back on track. We know now that chiropractic care does work!

I threw my back out turning off my vacuum!

Hi, my name is Mark. After years of trying stretching, exercising, and water therapy, nothing was helping me with my lower back problems. I even tried over the counter pain medications. As with the other methods I had tried, nothing worked for me.

Of all things, one day I threw my back out turning off my vacuum! I had constant pain for two weeks. I couldn’t believe it! That was the straw that broke my back! I turned to my trusty yellow pages. There, through numerous names and numbers, there was one name that stood out, Dr. John! I was nervous the day I had to go down to the office. But the thought of getting relief from my pain convinced me to surge on.

As soon as I walked in the door, the friendly staff welcomed me. The office was so relaxed and the staff was so personable, that I felt like I had been going there for years. I quickly learned that chiropractic care could improve my back, but my quality of life as well! While Dr. John was treating me for my back problems, he went beyond my back and asked if I was dealing with any other problems. I told him about how I had been suffering from severe headaches two to three times a week. All I expected him to say was something like, “sorry to hear that” or “that’s too bad”. But once again my expectations were blown away when he replied with, ” I might be able to help you with that.” I was completely shocked! Don’t chiropractors fix backs?! As it turns out I learned that chiropractors could help with things that happen to us in everyday life. Now, thanks to the chiropractic care that I have received from Dr. John, I can enjoy weeks that are pain free!

My friends and family are so impressed with the care I have received, that they have said, “I should go!” Now I can wake up in the morning without back and neck pain. Best of all, I can vacuum without throwing out my back! I have been very pleased with the services that I have received from Shoreline Chiropractic.

I had lower back pain everyday!

Hi, my name is Shirley. I have had lower back pain for a couple of years and was very hesitant about going to see a chiropractor. I was afraid the doctor would tell me to stop playing tennis. I found out about Shoreline Chiropractic through a friend. I was in a lot of pain and could barely walk. The pain was pressing on my sciatic nerve and it was just unbearable. Although I had never tried chiropractic care before, I was willing to give it a chance. I noticed an improvement after several visits. The best thing though, has been that I have much more energy then I used to. I have noticed a definite improvement in my overall health from being adjusted regularly.

Over the time that I’ve seen Dr. Mastrobattisto I have really appreciated the time he has taken to consult with me. He’s given me advice and exercises on how I can take care of my lower back as well as my entire body. I can now play tennis with more ease. I have been bowling, swimming, and I just added line dancing to my weekly activities. My husband and daughter have noticed the change in me and are so supportive… which makes me feel good. I’m so happy that I’ve got my pep back because I really need it! After all… I’m a very active lady!

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